Health Assessment : The Complete Health History Essay

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Concept – 2 Health promotion
This concept is taken from “ Health assessment” module no.1 and entitled as “The complete health history”

In the past, most individuals and societies viewed good health, or wellness, as the opposite or absence of disease. This simple attitude ignores states of health between disease and good health. Health is a multidimensional concept and must be viewed from a broader perspective in assessment of the client 's state of health is an important aspect of nursing. Models of health offer a perspective to understand the relationships between the concepts of health, wellness, and illness. Nurses are in a unique position to assist clients in achieving and maintaining optimal levels of health. Nurses understand the challenges of today 's health care system and embrace the opportunity to use wellness activities to promote health and wellness and prevent illness. In an era of cost containment and advanced technology, nurses can be a vital link to the improved health of individuals and society.
1.1 Personal Context:
Pender, Murdaugh, and Parsons (2002) note that views of health have broadened to include mental, social, and spiritual well-being, as well as a focus on health at the family and community levels. The same way i perceive that health is the total wellbeing of a person. To help clients identify and reach health goals, the nurse must discover and use information about their concepts of health. Pender, Murdaugh, and Parsons…

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