Health and Welness Essay

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Optimal Health and Wellness
Aaron-John P McDonald
February 21, 2014
Robert Eakins

Optimal Health and Wellness
. A better understanding about how our bodies and minds function has been better observed by scientists and brought to the attention of the general public. Research has introduced three elements of health and wellness and how nutrition and fitness as active parts of our lives. Research has also discovered ways for preventing major diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Preventing awful effects in our environment and protecting the immune system is part of action plans researchers have discovered to play an important role in improved physical health and wellness.
Physical Health
It is important to get enough rest
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Being able to socialize with other people and form healthy relationships is your first to a socially health. It has become really important because it can help you overcome sickness and other health concerns that put you a risk if you are not socially healthy. When you are happy on the inside there is a joy that shows on the outside. This also allows you to start improve your nutrition and fitness.
Nutrition and Fitness
These two areas can be the most important decisions of our lives. The decision that you make can cause you to shorten your life span or increase it. Eating right can make big difference in how you feel as well keeping your body in working order. Start by mapping what you know and give yourself a good idea which meals are good or bad for your overall health. Place the good meals on one side of paper and the bad on the other. Then make a list of the good meals you like to have to replace the bad meals on the list.

Problems understanding which items are good and bad for you are common. Completing research on healthy and not so healthy food items can increase knowledge about food groups. The internet is a good source of information as long as you view a reliable source. You can also discover recipes to make your meals taste good and also be a healthy decision. Also try and reward yourself with things that you would like such as trip of your choice or that once a

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