Health And Wellness Of Humanity Essay

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1. Introduction
Plants are crucial to the health and wellness of humanity. Over thousands of years, in an attempt to establish themselves within a single region, early humans began to use cultivation techniques, which is now called agriculture. It was with the advent of farming - when men realized that planting seeds resulted in germination - that societies began to develop more than 12,000 years ago. Communities then started to grow plants to feed them, and over the years, they developed a variety of techniques to make them resistant to the effect of climate changes, such as plagues (insects), diseases, and dry soil. (Baskey-East, 2016)
However, with industrialization, modernization and the steady growth of the world population, other problems began to emerge. The expansion of human knowledge acquired through science has increased the understanding of the importance of adequate nutrition and the pathologies associated with malnutrition (Baskey-East, 2016).

1.1 History of Nutrition-Enhanced Food
The first seed that was modified to complement diet was rice. Potrykus, in 1992, added new genes to the rice to enrich rice seeds with beta-carotene to feed developing countries that lack Vitamin A in their diet (Baskey-East, 2016). Then in 1994 tomatoes were modified to be tastier and stay fresher for a longer length of time (Gurău and Ranchhod, 2016). After 1996, other seeds such as corn, soybeans, sugar beet and papaya were modified to reach the same goal: minimize malnutrition…

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