Health And Wellness At Kaplan University Essay

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I have recently enrolled in the bachelor program of health and wellness at Kaplan University. After years of finding my own health and wellness I wanted to learn how I could help others achieve what I had. I have a passion for helping educate and assisting others in finding a plan that will work for them so therefore they can see success in their life. By taking the class Introduction to Health and Science I have learned a great deal about this profession and am excited to learn more.
Overview of the Profession
A health and wellness coach is not a profession that you hear of too often but it is a growing one. According to the health and wellness institute the health coach profession is projected to grow 21 percent by 2022 (Why Now, 2016). A health and wellness coach is someone who is passionate about helping others loss weight and gain back control of their life. When most people think about losing weight they just automatically think of being put on a diet and not being able to eat the foods that they love. A health and wellness coach is a person who would sit down with an individual and make a plan that would help them lose weight and teach them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They wouldn’t put that person on a diet but teach them how to make the lifestyle change and help them to set achievable goals. You could find a health and wellness coach working in an office, a clinic, a gym, or a fitness center. The median salary in 2016 for a wellness coach was $46,732 but…

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