Essay on Health and Social Communication Skills

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Group Interaction.
Basic Details/Work Context.
It is important to be able to communicate effectively in a health and social context, in order to transmit the appropriate care values appropriate to people’s specific needs. Just like my one to one interaction, I had to demonstrate my communication skills. I undertook an interaction with a group of young children that were at a primary school. But before undertaking this interaction I had to do some research on group interactions in order for me to do this interaction correctly.
Walsh et all [2000] explains a group as “Groups are collections of people who come together because they have a common purpose or goal and who gradually develop a shared sense of belonging, or group identity”
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* Building is the communications that develop the ideas of others. * Supporting, communications that support or agree with the comments of others in the group, this is it good for cohesion. * Summarising involves summing up the contributions and discussions of the group. * Information seeking is when you seek new ideas or information from other group members. * And the last positive communication behaviour is Information giving, these are communications that contribute the ideas and information.

Bales also identifies there are also negative types that occur when communication with a group. These are: * Disagreeing, this is communicating a difference which could be done in a positive or negative way. * Defensive, this is where group members with defend their idea when under attack. * Attacking, communications that challenge other group members, * Blocking, this is when obstacles are placed in the way of others. * And the last negative communication behaviour is Exclusive, this is the opposite to Inclusive, their aim is to block out specific group members.

As I was able to do my group interaction within a Primary School they had a colour scheme which represents their level and how they are progressing. Within these ‘colour groups’ there are a group of 4-6 children where they are all working at a similar level. I took one of

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