Health and Social Care Unit 10 Essay

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M1- Discuss how policies and procedures help children, young people and their families whilst the child is being looked after.
M3- Assess strategies and methods used to minimise the harm to children, young people and their families where abuse is confirmed.
D2- Justify responses where child maltreatment or abuse is suspected or confirmed, referring to current legislation and policies
The first policy is security of records/confidentiality this helps keep children and young people safe as if a child had been taken out of their home for their safety and moved out of the area to a new foster family or children’s home then this information should be hidden from their family so there is no way that they would be able to snatch the child
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All information should be collected factually as it may be used as evidence at a later date. Written reports should be re-read to ensure that all information collected is accurate, factual and contains no judgemental phrases or statements. This policy helps keep children safe as when they report abuse to a member of staff, something can be done about it as long as all guidelines are followed.
The safe working practice procedure helps make people working in a certain environment aware of policies and procedures which are there to help safeguard children, young people, staff and visitors from any sort of danger or harm, and should ensure safe practice throughout the setting. It is important that staffs are aware of the policies and procedures so that everyone knows what to do in any given situation. This helps children as people looking after them will know what to do if a challenging situation arises they will also know how to keep the child safe.

There are lots of different ways in different settings to help minimise harm when a child is suspected of being abused. The first strategy that might be used is if a teacher at school found out a child was being abused they may lay on some games for the whole class to try encourage the children to talk about or express their problems in a different way which may make them feel more comfortable. Also a child who is confident and has good self-esteem is less likely to be abused so laying on

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