Health And Social Care Practice Essay

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Explain clearly the different theories which underpin health and social care practice ( U23.1)
Empowerment for individuals and the care vale base
According to (Pearson, 2016) empowerment allows individuals to make their own decisions and informed choices about their life and care. This therefore can promote independence as it allows service users to take control. For example, allowing service users to choose what they would like to eat for lunch. Empowerment is one many principles which lies at the heart of the care value base. (Base, 2016) states that the care vale base is a set of guidelines that every health and social professional should follow, to ensure all service users and patient receive the best care according to their specific needs. For example, in health and social care settings, it is crucial to promotes anti-discriminatory practice. This is important, as it allows service users and patients to receive equal opportunities to treatment and access of services, regardless of their: ethnicity, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation.
Promotion of rights
Also conferring to (pearson,2016), service users and patients involved within a health and social care environment have rights to confidentiality. For example, information must not be shared with any third parties, unless if it raises safeguarding issues. This is supported by (Tutorcare Limited, 2016), which suggests that the aim of a confidential environment is to ensure the service protects the patient’s…

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