Health and Social Care Level 5 Essay

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Unit 5: Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care or Children and
Young People’s Settings
Unit code: M2c 1 Understand partnership working
1.1 Identify the features of effective partnership working
The policy of person-centred care has become a mainstay of efforts to reform health care in the UK. Government policy is now built around this core concept, a major aspect of which is enabling individuals to participate in decision-making about their care at every level. By concentrating on the individual’s wishes and aspirations and placing them at the centre of a ‘planning circle’ the care team can assist with goal setting to ensure their best interests are maintained and the individual’s preferences are considered.
Working in
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By working closely with colleagues and others involved in the individual’s care you are able to share, utilise and maximise everyone’s expertise in order to achieve the planned objectives. Each person in the work environment will have their own areas of expertise, knowledge and responsibilities. By communicating with everyone involved and sharing responsibilities, it avoids duplication of tasks and services, ensuring the best possible service and outcomes are achieved.
• Colleagues
Within my organisation it is important to promote the communication cycle and ideas sharing with colleagues who may include the support workers and managers. In order to work well in partnership, there has to be good communication and I will need to have good communication skills.
• Other professionals
I will always need to make sure that I am doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time, for the right people, openly, honestly, safely and in a professional way. Learning from others and working in partnership is important. It will help me to understand the aims and objectives of different people and partner organisations as they may have differing views, attitudes and approaches.
It is essential that everyone’s focus is on providing the best care and support to individuals. Other professionals may include workers from other agencies or organisations, advocates, independent visitors
• Others
It is important to consult the individual’s, their families,

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