Health and Social Care L3 Unit 618 Essay

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Unit 618 Understand mental well-being and mental health promotion.
Outcome 1
1. As individuals are all different, they can respond to the same situation differently. In the same way, individuals can view and cope with their mental well-being and mental health differently. Someone with a negative view of their own situation may feel that they are to blame or not accept the consequences of their actions, they may find it difficult to deal with their own mental health and well-being. A positive individual may cope better with factors affecting their mental health and well-being. They may deal with their mental state in a more pragmatic way.
2. There are a range of factors which may influence mental well-being and mental health problems
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Providing the activity is catered to the individual’s preferences, it may stimulate their mind. A planned activity can offer the individual a positive to look forward to. However, this strategy could have an adverse reaction. The individual may not be interested in the suggested activity. If the activity was planning too far in advance, the individual may change their mind on the planned day.
4. A national strategy for promoting mental well-being and mental health is No Health Without Mental Health. The key aspects of the strategy are six objectives; more people will have better wellbeing and good mental with fewer people developing mental health problems, more people with mental health will recover a quality of life, more people with mental health problems will have a good physical health, improved services will result in fewer people suffering avoidable harm, more people will have a positive experience of care and the public understanding of mental health will improve.
5. The national charity Mind aims to help people experiencing mental health issues to take control of their condition. In providing information and training on a national scale, it should help to promote more positive public views on mental health which should help individuals with mental health issues to speak openly. Mind delivers training to local and national services to further this public understanding. The charity aims to give individuals experiencing

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