Health And Social Care Assignment 3 : Leading A Team Into Change

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DHCS 302 Personal and Team Effectiveness in Health and Social Care

Assignment 3: Leading a Team into Change

Submitted by: Jino Devasykutty
Submitted to: Dr. Siham El- Kafafi
Due Date: 08 / 12 / 2014 The change can be as simple as adding a new employee, or as traumatic as a major reorganization that involves the loss of jobs. On both sides, there are several things you can do to facilitate this process and his team in the best position for success in the future. This article will provide concrete advice on resolving issues that arise when a significant change in the composition, the structure of the computer or operating performance. Like most leaders today, the demands of their work, it is likely to require multitasking at different level never saying do more with less, in many organizations, which were replaced by do whatever it takes, and then some. Certainly constantly accelerating pace of change is at the highest point in almost all organizations.
Understanding the interdisciplinary team work is developing. During the restructuring of health care, leading organizations demanding tasks when working group bringing together the changing values of the organization with new ways of delivering services. In this environment, an interdisciplinary team that works well, in which doctors are working as partners of heads has the potential to drive organizational change and encourage improvements in patient outcomes. Previous research suggests that the…

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