Health and Safety, P2 Essay

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Describe the requirements for a health and safe workplace in terms of the physical environment and the equipment at a selected work organisation.

Physical Environment. .Potential for falling objects – The employer or employee must make sure that all items of equipment, materials and tools that are not in use must be stored/stacked correctly and securely. Otherwise, there is a potential that the item/item may fall and injure a person. .Sharp edges and trailing leads – Sharp edges must be rounded off to make sure that a person does not band a part of their body on them and trailing leads should be wrapped in something protective to bunch them together, and to make sure they are out of the way. .Evacuation assembly
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.Noise and atmospheric pollution – This can be a serious issue to workers and employers have a duty to reduce any noise pollution that might lead to damage to the ears. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations applies to any workers who are exposed to noises over 85 decibels or more in the workplace. Long-lasting exposure to this amount of noise will damage an employees hearing. In addition to controlling noise pollution, employers must ensure that their workers aren’t exposed to atmospheric pollution. This is known as air pollution. Atmospheric pollution is any particulate matter present in the air that has the potential to damage someone’s health. This includes: dust, fumes and gases. Any health condition that is caused by atmospheric pollution has the potential to be very fatal for the people in the workplace. Employers have a legal responsibility to make sure that risk assessments are carried out. Suitable and efficient provision must be provided to ensure that every workspace is ventilated by a quantity of fresh or even purified air. .Temperature and ventilation – Temperature in work areas should provide reasonable comfort without the need for certain types of clothing. If the temperature is too hot or cold, steps should be taken to achieve a reasonable temperature which is close to comfortable. If employees, staff or any sort of worker is exposed to temperatures that are too high or low, the

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