Essay on Health and Safety for a Business

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Health and Safety Assignment.
Health and safety can be described as the regulations and procedures intended to prevent accidents and injury in the workplace and public environment.
Question 1:
As the advisor to the management of the centre I would suggest using the four point method of Plan, Do, Check and Act as an effective way to implement the HSG65 to all the employees working within the company in each department. The advantages of using PDCA system is how its illustrations health and safety as an fundamental part of quality management rather than being seen as an unconnected part of it. When trying to engage employees in learning good health and safety practice it is important to express that doing so is not solely to protect
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The policy adopted should set a clear direction for the company to follow and be available for all employees to view with ease. Employees should be aware of the policy and have a clear understanding of it, the policy should be written with simple language to make it easier for employees to learn. As there is a large amount of employees within the company the policy should be on display in various locations around the premises and also given to new employees when they are hired. It is vital that employees follow the policy and do not just see it as unimportant information. Top management must lead by example to show employees the importance of the policy. Initially after the policy is written employees should be given the opportunity to suggest any amendments they feel should be added or taken out, this creates a sense that the policy is not just rules being places upon the employees but rather regulations to protect everyone involved in it.
Planning: All aspects and impacts, legal, objectives and targets should be outlined. It is important to create proper procedures to use in the case of an emergency situation, employees in each department should be consulted when doing this to guarantee the correct actions are taken in any situation that may occur in any department. When planning for implementation it should be remembered to construct ideas to keep employees attitudes towards health and safety positive. The manager should note where the company’s safety management

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