Health And Illness Of Diverse Cultures Essay

998 Words Oct 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Health and Illness in Diverse Cultures
Tabytha Balash
Ohio University

Obstetrics is special specialty that cares for millions of people each year across numerous cultures. Obstetrics is not just one individual, but care for mother and baby. Caring for individuals of another culture and ethnic background can be difficult due to different cultural practices and predisposed genetic health conditions. This paper will discuss the cultural background of Aisha, a pregnant African-American female in her early twenties with hypertension, and how she perceives her health. Next, the paper will discuss the actual issue that Aisha has hypertension, and does not have the knowledge or finical means to seek medical care, therefore, endangering herself and her children, and what can be done to overcome that barrier. Lastly, I will discuss a cultural incidence inn my nursing practice, and how I overcame that cultural barrier. Aisha cultural background is African-American. Hypertension, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity is common among individuals of African decent. Hypertension awareness and treatment rates are higher, but control rates are lower compared to individuals of non-Hispanic whites (Whelton et al., 2016). Although, scientist believe multiple genes are involved in the above stated diseases, environmental, behavioral, and psychosocial factors play a more significant role than genetics in the higher prevalence of hypertension…

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