Should Legalizing Marijuana Be Legalized

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Marijuana has been called a lot of words; dangerous, idiotic, a gateway drug to name a few. However, there is reason and evidence to argue these claims as false and irrational. I have researched respected people in the medical field as well as government organizations, and health and safety groups to create a stand on why marijuana should be legalized for medical and economic reasons. Marijuana has been ridiculed in society for decades as being a drug as bad as heroin and cocaine due to lack of study and people’s personal opinions on it being affiliated with crime. For clarity, when people talk about marijuana, they are talking about the buds of the cannabis plant which when smoked release many chemicals including THC into the lungs and cause the smoker to become high. So far nineteen states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes and four states have made it legal to use it for recreational use. This clearly shows that our country is making a step in the right direction but until this goes to …show more content…
Being able to treat diseases such as cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and many others could help many people in need of the drug. The threat of its use being abused, by teens specifically, has been put to rest and proven that the legalization of marijuana actually decreases use in teens. Additionally, it has already been an excellent source of money and jobs for states that have legalized marijuana. The only thing that is stopping society from voting yes to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes is their perception of drugs as being terrible and that goes back to its classification as a schedule 1 drug. With legalization, marijuana will gain the supervision that it needs to give it the credibility it deserves for its benefits and will change show the United States the good that it can do for

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