Health And Beauty Of Advertising Essays

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Health and Beauty in Advertising

Many advertisements directed at women use beauty, happiness, confidence, success and health to get women’s attention, because we all want to be the best we can be. These ads are from a magazine that is viewed more by women than men. Even though these advertisements are for totally different products we still get the same feeling from the women portrayed: beautiful and healthy. As a woman who loves to read women’s magazines I know what appeals to me and what makes me want to buy a product. Health and beauty are two strong advertising strategies to induce women into purchasing products.
In the “Success Rice” advertisement the picture of the woman smiling with a seeming glow to her, ties in with “Live Well. Eat Well” slogan. The woman exudes a sense of confidence in her stance and whole demeanor looks happy and healthy, so if we cook and eat this rice we will become all we want to be. The advertisers did a good job in making a connection in eating well and being beautiful. The woman shown is wearing a contrasting shade of green to the background that makes her pop out at the women reading the magazine. . This makes the reader stop and take a closer look. The advertisement for “Success Rice” has very strong vibrant colors in the overall advertisement and the word “success” is a strong word to use, women want to be successful. The colors of the food make it appealing and the types of food appear healthy.
The contrast of the white text on the…

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