Health 101 Syllabus Essay

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Principles of Healthful Living

Fall 2015

Class: HLTH Instructor: Dr. Akili
Section number:101-44 Office Hours: By Appointment
Class Location: H-312 Prerequisites: NONE
Units: 3.0 Class Hours: T, TR 5:10p.m.-6:35 p.m. Phone: e-mail:

Course Description:
Addresses contemporary public health issues and development of holistically healthy living. Provides
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7. Identify the risk, symptoms, prevention and treatment of STI’s 8. Students will understand the consequences of illicit drug, alcohol, and tobacco use. 9. Identify the factors contributing to wellness and longevity.

Method of Instruction:
The course material covered via lecture by PowerPoint presentation, class dialogue, and demonstration of covered material.

Method of Evaluation:
Student grades based on performance will have a variety of activities and assignments. Attendance and participation is graded. Attendance points deducted for tardy attendance or early departures. Participation points deducted for the following behaviors: refusal to participate in a group, negative comments about other class members, absence of group meetings and refraining of the group presentation. Turn your work in on time. Late papers, exams, and assignments assessed after the deadline date. If additional points assigned, they will be at the instructor discretion. All work must be original. Students caught cheating will receive a failing grade.
A final grade of “C” or better awarded if the student demonstrates comprehension and applies the principles taught in class to help create, maintain, or develop a healthy lifestyle. Methods will include but not limited to the following: 1. Class Participation/Activities 2. Presentation 3. Exams 4. Research paper

Assignments: Late assignments are not accepted.


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