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Healing Hospital Environment and their relationship to spirituality

Human caring facilitates healing. Healing should be accompanied by love and compassion for the sick persons or their families. Healing is a life-long journey of becoming fully human that involves the totality of our being. It connects our body, mind, emotion, spirit, social and political context, as well as our relationships with others and with the Divine. Healing does not necessarily mean being happy or getting what we think we want out of life; it means growth, often with pain. In the health care field spirituality plays an important role in healing, and to give a sense of well being. Spirituality enables an internal tranquility, a meaning, comfort and hope in
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Nurses must be conversant and wise enough in assessing and fulfilling their patient’s spiritual needs. No doubt, the importance of spiritual health cannot be neglected as it helps to prevent some health issues, stress or even death.

Components of Healing Hospital and their relationship with spirituality

A healing hospital is about loving service to others. A healing hospital is not build with bricks and mortar. It is built with people who have servant’s heart, or a passion to serve, and who know that the fundamental relationship between caregiver and patient can be understood as a sacred Encounter (Chapman, 2011, p.4). The concept of healing hospital becomes known through the unconditional love by Jesus. Since love is a universal concept, healing hospital practice not intended solely at Christian hospitals but for all hospitals. In clinical settings, profound relation can be seen between healing hospital and spirituality. Love, being core of healing hospital and foundation of our faith in God, connects spirituality and healing hospital, and it demands equilibrium between modern scientific progression and spiritual need of patients. The courage to start a healing hospital emerged from an insightful positive reception of the suffering that presently prevails in health care settings of America. The goal of the healing hospital is to change this suffering within the patients and within their families into pleasure by enabling love into all stages of

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