Healing Hospital Essay

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The traditional approach to health care was to “cure” the disease. Health providers were trained to obtain all the sign and symptoms associated with the disease; and then treat the patient accordingly. Very little attention was directed toward approaching the patient and the environment from a perspective of healing and spirituality. This presentation will identify the three key components of a healing environment and address some of the challenges: 1) Physical Environment, 2) Social Environment, and 3) Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
A Healing Physical Environment
Patients want to be within an environment that promotes healing. Healing environments decrease stress and promote optimal well being. Psychological stressors
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The noise-free environment not only promotes healing for patients, but also has a secondary advantage of promoting a calmer, more stress-free environment for employees and physicians (Eberest, 2008).

Spiritually, noise reduction allows one to connect intimately with their inner self. This, connection strengthens the will to overcome and cope in a positive manner. When my mother was hospitalized after suffering a stroke, what she remembered most were the baby chimes. She said that the chimes reminded her that God had given her another chance at life. So her approach to changing her lifestyle and dealing with the effects of her stroke were easier to endure.


A number of studies have presented strong evidence that even 3 to 5 minutes of contact with nature can significantly decrease stress, reduce anger and fear, and increase pleasant feelings (Ulrich, 1991). These calming effect can be achieved by providing views to the outside, interior gardens or aquariums, or artwork with a nature theme. The use of large windows in patient areas, allow patients and their visitors to see outside and receive the benefits of natural light. Patients in rooms that receive more sunlight may be less depressed and have shorter stays. For those reasons, windows are now considered a therapeutic component of patient rooms.

The energy of

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