Healing Hospital - a Daring Paradigm Essay

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Running head: Healing Hospital

1. Introduction

Healing hospital is a place or rather a holistic and integrated environment where "Healing will take place more quickly, thoroughly, and meaningfully" with the entire staff ".... charged with the promotion of healing by creating an overall healing environment" (Jacobs, 2009). In essence therefore the healing hospital differs from the conventional hospital in that it provides for a multitude of levels of advancing the healing process; which includes, the community, the staff and a variety of technical and design aspects for placing healing into an advantageous context. Therefore, a healing hospital will provide not only for the physical aspects of
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77), where the patient feels safe and comfortable and where the staff is fully committed to the process of caring and healing. The latter aspect is possibly one of the most important concepts in the healing hospital. It is vital that the staff of these hospitals should be fully aware of the concept of the healing hospital and that they are also well trained and fully committed to the idea of integrated and holistic healthcare. Furthermore, a healing hospital is one that promotes a culture of healing and is not merely a healing facility (Erbest p. 77). The hospital is also seen in terms of community and as a place where "...patients, their families and friends, caregivers (including managers and the board), and the community can all journey toward wellness, with all parties having joint ownership in the process and the experience" ( Zarren). Eberest ( 2008) refers to three essential components of a healing hospital. These are; a healing physical environment; the integration of work design and technology and a culture of “Radical Loving Care” ( Eberst, 2008, p. 77). The aspect of a physical healing environment includes a number of factors that are not normally featured in conventional hospitals. Among these is the possibly of a wide range of alternative

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