Headphones vs Speakers Essay

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A man was shot and killed for having his music too loud. This would not have been a problem had the teenager been listening to his audio with headphones rather than some ill-fated speakers. Speakers and headphones’ main use is to transmit sound produced by a certain source. They both have the same fundamental purpose but man’s erroneous actions lead us to believe one is better, or often more preferred, than the other. Headphones are better than speakers because they are cheaper, portable, undisruptive, and personal.
For the same overall performance, headphones are much cheaper than speakers. One thing you can rarely battle against is a good product at a low price. When thinking in economic terms of the price-performance ratio (the
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The big difference and the thing that will make a person in today’s economy decide which one to purchase lies ultimately in the price of the product. A good and reasonable pair of headphones can go for around $100. A speaker system that will play at same quality will cost you about three or four times as much. The most expensive headphones cost around $2000 - $5000 dollars. The most expensive speakers go for up to fifty times that amount. Over all it’s clearly seen that the price-performance ratio for headphones is higher. Headphones have the same performance as speakers and cost a lot less.
So you love listening to Frederic Chopin’s Nocturne in E Flat Major on your speakers but figure out that when travelling on a cross continental trip to Japan it is very difficult to bring your speaker system into the plane and more difficult to set it up once inside. Fearing you might end up being shot like the teenager from Florida you are immobilized because of the problem. The solution to this most troubling issue, having once found out that headphones can play at the same if not better quality than speakers, is to have a pair of headphones. One thing speakers cannot do is be portable. They are just not meant for travel. Headphones on the other end can easily and comfortably be placed on your head and carried to and fro Los Angeles and Japan. Headphones are

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