Headphone Advertisement

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This Advertisement is trying to show you how good their head phones are. By doing this they are showing us how much sound they block out sound. Image you are on a beautiful river, with the most perfect music playing through your ear, everything is nice and calm, you don’t have a worry in the world. All of a sudden you are thrown off a huge cliff, which just so happens to be a water fall and before you know it everything goes black. You can still hear the beautiful music playing in your ears. You try your hardest to get above the water, before you know it you think your dead. A huge hand pulls you out of the water, and your eyes slowly open. The company is showing us just how good their head phones really are, by doing this they are having …show more content…
Weather its true or not that their headphones can block out a waterfall. In a persons mind a waterfall represents something very loud. So by this guy being totally clueless that There’s a waterfall near by, lets us know that these head phones are pretty impressive. What made me pick this advertisement was the thought behind it, I think that any advertisement should be well thought out instead of just put together without thinking. Another reason why I picked this advertisement over the rest of them is because this one made me laugh inside. I have always liked things that make me laugh and this was one of those things.
This type of advertisement is effective in todays world. It has a sense of humor that the viewer can laugh at, it also engages the view to think more about the guy on the small boat. What’s going to happen to the guy? Does he hear the water fall and get away? Is he going to fall off the water wall? There are many questions the viewer can ask them selves. This makes this advertisement entertaining to the viewer because of this method that the head phone company is
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You can tell this by just looking at the picture. You can tell there saying this because they picked one of the loudest things of earth and put a guy right next to the waterfall, in a sense there telling you our head phones are the best head phones ever made. They are trying to prove this to you in the advertisement. I think that this type of advertising should be used in todays world a lot more, it shows humor but at the same time its showing you just how good the company’s head phones really are. If I saw this advertisement around I would have to give these head phones a try just because the advertisement was so smart and well made. Most importantly it stood out from any of the other advertisements. Which is why I choose this advertisement to write about. Instead of any of the other ones. There’s a lot of things they could of done, like instead putting this guy next to a plane taking off and he doesn’t realize it, or a herd of buffalo running past him while he’s tanning on the ground and he doesn’t hear a thing, or someone screaming at him while there standing right next to him. Those all would have been good ideas. But by putting him on a boat, on a beautiful calm down, makes this advertisement so much better for the

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