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Hakyeon was the Head Boy of the school. He was liked by everyone. Not necessarily all the time, because he would get on everyone 's nerves at times. But there was no one he would not help in the times of need. Let it be teachers or the students, friends or enemies, Hakyeon would always help them all. He was a bright , smart , kind, warm, friendly student who was also responsible and dependable. He lived with his parents and an older brother and two older sisters. Being the youngest child, there were times when he was subjected to neglect by his parents who had to work hard to support the family. But his siblings loved him, so Hakyeon though the youngest was always understanding and smiling. To the outsiders, he was one happy kind-hearted sometimes …show more content…
He trained hard and dancing was his biggest passion. He sang well too, but he was a really good dancer. He went on to win a lot of dance shows and competitions even at a young age. But even then, Hakyeon had his insecurities. Among which, the one he felt most insecure about was his skin color. He was darker skinned than most students, which made him feel inadequate at times. In his heart he always felt that he can do all the things he set his mind on, but he cannot be less dark. He was teased by his friends and other often on this and though he laughed it off, he used to feel hurt deep inide. But again, Hakyeon being Hakyeon never showed his hurt openly to anyone. Even when he did, nobody took it seriously as they knew his nature. He was always taken as the funny one or someone who is just isnt taken seriously by anyone. So though he provided a helping hand to whoever needed it, he was taken for granted by …show more content…
He was sitting at the back with his earphones on and eyes closed. "He appears to be asleep", Dal Soo said to Hakyeon. "He appears to be weird", Yi Han added. Hakyeon shot an angry look at both of them. "Shut up, will you?", he said to them and sat next to him. "Taekwoon-ah, you came from Seoul?", Hakyeon asked him, but got no response. "Taekwoon-ah", he called out again but still no response. Hakyeon decided to leave him alone and went to the cafeteria with Dal Soo and Yi Han. He didn 't want to go without a response from Taekwoon but Dal Soo pulled him out of the seat and dragged him to the cafeteria. They talked about their usual things, studies and plans they had made for the year while eating their lunch. Taekwoon came in after some time and quietly took his plate and sat alone on a bench to eat, his earphones still plugged in. Hakyeon noticed him from the corner of his eye but did not bring up the topic again. He knew that he just had to talk to that guy. He thought that he is shy or reserved as he was new to the school. Hakyeon could not allow that to happen. It was his responsibility as a Head Boy and even personally to look after everyone around him. So after he was done eating, he went and sat next to Taekwoon, who continued to eat without noticing him. Hakyeon sat silently next to him. Taekwoon soon finished eating, so he got up, disposed of his plate and went off to the next class, without even glancing

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