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HDFS 145 - The Individual, Marriage, and the Family
Fall Semester, 2012
Instructor: Mrs. Joy Jacobs, CFCS, MAEd (“Mrs. J.”) E-mail address: Please always use “HDFS 145" on the subject line when you e-mail. Office hours: Mrs. J. will be in the classroom one half hour before and will stay after class until all students are gone, or you may make an appointment with her. Go to this website: Because of advising responsibilities, she is not available for walk-in appointments and she cannot take phone calls from students. She HATES playing “phone tag”, so please do not try to leave phone messages in her office! Undergraduate Learning Assistants who will be helping with this class: Abbey
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2. To examine personal and societal attitudes, assumptions, and values about intimate relationships and families. 3. To examine the range of lifestyle options available to young adults. Special attention will be given to intimate relationships and to the social forces of the young adult period of life. 4. To appreciate the diversity of ethnicity, gender, religion, and social class which is represented in our society, and to gain an accurate perspective of the challenges and strengths of diverse people. 5. To examine key family issues such as communication, parenting, and the balance of work and family.

-26. To develop an accurate understanding of the problems/challenges that some families confront, including but not limited to relationship violence, infertility, divorce, single parenting and child custody. 7. To gain an appreciation for and an understanding of intimate relationships over the entire life cycle. 8. To gain interpersonal skills working with others involving discussion, compromise, and evaluation. Attendance: It will be to your advantage to attend all class sessions, to be on time, and to remain in class for the entire session to learn from the lectures and to have the opportunity to do and to receive credit for the assignments. Absences for illness, for family emergencies, or for religious observances may be excused, but you must e-mail Mrs. J. BEFORE THE START TIME (8:30 AM) of the class you are going to miss. (See “Make-Up Policies” on page 3.)

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