HCS451 Risk Assessment Summary Essay

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Agape Long Term Care is a 40 bed skilled nursing facility, specializing in Alzheimer's and dementia patients. The management team at Agape has decided to make risk management a focus in the upcoming year, and has hired a consultant to perform an assessment and formulate a plan for risk management. Long term care facilities serve over 3 million Americans, and that number is growing every year. (Rubbens, 2007)With the boom in the need for long term care, comes more risks.

Risk management is designed to mitigate safety concerns, assure quality and protect patients’ rights. Risk management is both proactive-eliminating risks before they can occur, and reactive-after a risk has occurred, taking steps so if will not occur again. Every
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Any risk management program would have to address each type of risk and the categories within the type of risk.

The key to an effective risk management program in skilled nursing facilities is data. Constantly collected, analyzed and acted upon- data is a true predictor of risk. Long term care facilities are an ever changing environment, which is why data driven risk management programs are successful vs periodic quality visits or retroactive data. (DiNatate & Granger, 2010)These types of data driven risk management programs have been proven to improve reimbursement and quality measures, reduce negative incidents and liability premiums, increase compliance, and improve public relations.

To perform a risk assessment there are five key steps:

Identify the risk areas: Remain current and up to date with the newest risk areas identified by all regulatory and government agencies.
Evaluate the risk and create policies and procedures to negate or reduce them.
Educate and communicate with management and staff about risk factors.
Rank risks according to likelihood of occurrences for each dept.
Periodically review and update risks, and risks management programs. (Rubbens, 2007)
By using these five steps, Agape Long Term Care can perform an effective risk assessment.

The goal of risk management and safety programs in long term care facilities is to protect

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