Hcs430 Employees Handbook Essay

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Employee Handbook Non-Discrimination


HCS/430 – Legal Issues in Health Care: Regulations and Compliance

University of Phoenix

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Workplace optimism has a tremendous affect on employee performance and productivity. In a health care organization, like a hospital, research has proven that medical professionals are more likely to find solutions when under stress, are able to continue working effectively, and have an overall optimism in a very stressful and demanding work environment (Kyle W. Luthans, Sandra A. Lebsack, & Richard R. Lebsack, 2008). By applying the non-discriminatory policy, our health care organization aims to build a fair and neutral work environment. With this accomplished, there is a direct relationship with fair work practices and employee satisfaction, the organization will begin to see how employee morale will improve performance and create high quality results. Professionalism increases because there is a decrease in work irritability, stress levels, and negativity (Kyle W. Luthans, Sandra A. Lebsack, & Richard R. Lebsack, 2008). Employee work productivity can only be achieved if the organization creates in environment where all employees will be evaluated and rewarded under the same non discriminatory work practices and policies.

How will you address state and federal laws regarding non-discrimination in your handbook section?

Discriminating against employees or any other persons in this organization is a severe offense. Every employer has laws that are set up by the state and

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