HCS 475 Implementing Change Essay

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Implementing Change Paper
Brianna Rodriguez
HCS 475
October 20, 2014
Brandi Muro
Implementing Change
In any organization, the manager wears many hats. Their responsibilities go beyond just managing a group of people. On top of managing, they have to be communicators, coaches, and advocates, just to name a few of the many hats. Part of being an effective communicator includes reporting and implanting changes that may come down from upper management. Change can bring out many emotions in people, like anxiety. How a manager handles the change and implements it within their department can either make their people feel good about it, or heighten their concerns ("Managers And Supervisors: Importance And Role", 2014).
What is the
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How should a manager successfully handle staff resistance to change?
A resistance to the change is bound to happen and should be expected from at least a few employees. A manager’s skills are put to the test when this happens and it is vital that they handle this situation appropriately. Resistance can come in many different forms. For example, there may be an increased number of people quitting, hostility, and in extreme cases, strikes. Any type of resistance can be troublesome for the management teams, which is why it is imperative that it is handled quickly and appropriately. For starters, the management team needs to understand that some resistance is desirable because it will help the change to be more effective. Employees who question the change in a non-malicious manner could ultimately help to refine the plans of change. Secondly, a good manager will realize that not all of their employees will respond the same to the changes and should be treated accordingly. Sometimes the resistance may come because the employees may not understand the purpose of the changes. The fix for this could be as simple as sitting down with those employees that are having trouble adjusting and thoroughly going over everything. This would include explaining why, how, and when the changes will be taking place.
Define each step of the change process: assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation
The change

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