Hcs 465 (Health Care Research Utilization) Entire Class Assignme

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HCS 465 (Health Care Research Utilization) Entire Class Assignme
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HCS 465 Week 1, Individual Assignment, Annotated Bibliography
Individual Assignment: Literature Review in Research: An Annotated Bibliography

• Resource: Literature Review in Research: An Annotated Bibliography Grading Criteria.

• Go to the Center for Writing Excellence.

• Click the Tutorials & Guides link.

• Click the Annotated Bibliography link the under the Samples heading. You may use this format to create your annotated bibliography.

• Read: the Annotated Bibliography samples provided.
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• Choose an article from your annotated bibliography. Obtain faculty approval for your article to ensure that it is a peer-reviewed research article.

• Read the following:

o Background: The background statement answers the following questions: How do you know a real problem, situation, or opportunity will be studied? Does evidence indicate you have chosen an important problem, situation, or opportunity that deserves more attention? What evidence indicates that the problem, situation, or opportunity relates to an organizational management issue or clinical concern?

o Methodology: This part of a research study provides an overview of the scope of the study or how large, long, and comprehensive the study was. This is a brief overview explaining the gathering of the qualitative and quantitative data and where the data may be found. Implicit in this overview is the recognition by the researcher that both secondary data—document-based data, organizational material, library books, and journals—and primary data—empirical, qualitative, and quantitative data incorporated by a survey, experiment, and so on in a real-time fashion—was gathered to make the study comprehensive, fully researched, and as rigorous as a project must be within the scientific method of data planning, gathering, and analysis.

• Respond to the following

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