Hcs 330 Dqs , All Individual and Team Assignments /Entire Class /Week 1-5

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HCS 330 DQs ,All Individual and Team Assignments /Entire Class /Week 1-5

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HCS 330 Week 1 Individual Assignment - Pre-Class Diease Questionnaire

Discuss the Preclass Disease Questionnaire in class. The questionnaire is located in the Materials section of your student Web page. The Preclass Disease Questionnaire is designed to test your current knowledge regarding disease and its impact on society after you have completed the required

HCS 330 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Disease in the News

Disease in the News

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Pick a chronic disease in which you are interested in from one of the major disease categories, such as heart disease, respiratory (asthma, smoking), endocrine (diabetic), liver hepatitis, or STDs.

Teams will investigate the history, etiology, affected populations, and possible treatment options (if any) for the selected disease.

Be concise while presenting the most relevant information. In a 700-1,050 word paper, present your findings.

Utilize a minimum of two research sources, with one from UOP Library and the other from rEsource to support your claims.

HCS 330 Week 4 Individual Assignment - Culture and Disease Paper

Select a population of interest as part of your investigation; for example, choose a particular race or ethnicity and how it relates to your infectious disease.

Explore the social and cultural aspects of the disease in a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper.

Include the following information:

o Describe the agent of disease.

o Describe the factors that make this particular population vulnerable to the disease.

o Describe environmental factors that make the population vulnerable to the disease.

o What are the modes for disease transmission?

o What methods are used to control the spread of the disease? What alternative methods are used by the selected population for treatment? What is the effect of alternate treatments?

HCS 330 Week 5 Team Assignment - Adopt a Diease Presentation

Using the

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