Essay on Hazing

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Hazing and Its Consequences
Iliana Ng
DeVry University
June 25, 2014

Hazing and Its Consequences
Over the years, there have been many stories published and movies made about the harmful and sometimes deadly consequences of the hazing rituals being performed by university and high school students, military personnel, professional athletes and most recently by middle school students. These rituals have affected the life of the people involve in hazing, whether is on the receiving end or on the delivering end. Educators along with the communities have confronted practical jokes, physical abuse, excessive consumption of alcohol and other humiliating and harmful events.
To better understand these rituals, we look at the dictionary
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We trust our children to coaches, teachers and other school personnel and when stories like these come through the airways, shockwaves run through our spines and our first instinct is to protect our children. Some of these hazing rituals are not beneficial and does not help to raise and educate our children to be the backbone of our society.
The hazing rituals that we hear more are at the university level. These rituals are part of the athletic teams and very popular in the initiation into fraternities and sororities. In 2011, a Cornell University student died during his participation in a hazing incident that included mock kidnapping, humiliation and coerced drinking. Earlier this year, a sophomore at University of Connecticut was hospitalized with an alcohol level almost three times the limit of 0.08 after pledging for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. In 2011, the drum major for Florida A & M University Band died after a hazing incident where he was beaten by fellow band members. (Majerol, 2012).
In professional sports, hazing is widely accepted as a rite of passage and part of the culture of sports. The media often makes it more comical than dangerous and labels it as something that comes with the territory of being the new member of the team. Last year, a member of the Miami Dolphins left the team after being taunted with racial slurs. The aggressors were label as “jokesters” and “…they’re good people because

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