Hazing And Its Effect On College Culture Essay

1404 Words Nov 9th, 2015 6 Pages
Over the past 15 years hazing has altered the college culture. Hazing has become a prevalent topic that is a major debate among college and universities. Each year that there isn’t an action taken against it, the amounts of deaths that come from it rise. Hazing is the act of torturing, forcing people against their wills, and humiliating them until they feel unworthy, or until they get very hurt. There have been a multitude of awful incidents that arose in different fraternities, as well as in other clubs and activities that colleges offer across the country. Many debates have risen on what to do to help prevent hazing, and the truth is you can’t. Colleges have suspended their fraternities for years, kicked students out, and gave lectures, which may have given them a wake up call, but it won’t end all of the problems. Hazing starts before college, it just becomes extremely threatening when it reaches the higher levels of education. Many people think that people get smarter as they advance in education, but without a scare, the students will not learn. There has been many extreme reports of horrible incidents as a result of hazing, some of the incidents including the most serious consequence, death. Prevention starts with whoever will speak up first, and I believe I can be that person. Hazing is a serious topic that has escalated to a dangerous level, and with proper schooling, can be prevented. Since 1970, there has been a reporting of at least one death every year as a…

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