Hazards And Risks Of A Staff Member And A Child Essay

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I am going to assess the hazards and risks to both a staff member and a child whilst walking in a park.
If they are walking past a pond or a lake it would be considered a hazard to the child 's safety. The risk with this is that the child could fall in and inhale or swallow dirty water, the child could end up with an infection or possibly drowning. This would be a hazard from the physical environment. The children should wear appropriate footwear to ensure that they do not slip or trip. All routes should be assessed by staff before the trip out to ensure they take the safest route possible for the children. This would also be considered a risk to the staff member, however the risk would not be as great because an adult would be more aware of the risk that the water poses and would know to keep a safe distance away.

Poisonous berries could also be a hazard to young children as they may be unaware that the berries are actually poisonous. The risk is that the child may see the berries and think they are just normal berries like the ones they have had at home, they may then decide to eat some and could be poisoned by the toxins in the berries. The same risk occurs with mushrooms/ fungus. This would be considered a hazard from the physical environment. This would not pose a large risk to adults however as adults are aware of the risk that wild berries pose to our health.

Insects also pose a hazard to the child. The risk to the child is that they could be bitten by an…

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