Essay Hazards And Hazards Of Hazard Assessment

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I work in the long term care facility, where mostly seniors lives. Hazard assessment is the part of my job routine. Safety of the residents and staff members always comes first. The goal of the hazard assessment is to prevent injuries, accidents, and any other adverse events. I did my hazard assessment audit in this facility. In this report, I will discuss the hazards identified as priorities by my employer, risks and hazards observed during the audit, how my employer address these risks and hazards, and closing with recommendations.
Risks and Hazards Identified as Priorities
My workplace have seven different units and each unit has a common area, dining room, a kitchen, utility room, spa room and resident’s rooms. A main laundry is situated at the main level. The hazards that identified as priorities includes, spills, wet floors, broken furniture, uneven flooring, loose carpets, in house smoking, and use of oxygen tanks. All these hazards can contribute to the falls and compromised fire safety. A resident or staff can slip from the wet floors or loose carpets, can sustain injuries, in more serious cases they can have broken hip or shoulder. So, fall prevention is the number one priority of my employer.
Since I work in a health care facility, infection control is another main priority at my workplace. Infection can spread quickly and the entire building can be in the outbreak. Infection can spread by direct and indirect contact with infected person. One study…

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