Hayden 's Writing - Original Writing Essay example

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Hayden walked with a swagger down the grand staircase to the Main Floor, and opened the refrigerator door after retrieving something special from his Dad’s nightstand dresser.

Jayden thought, What am I a child?

Hayden stared at the juice and milk, and then pondered.

I need something stronger.

Jayden inside Hayden strolled to his Dad’s mahogany bar with its red leather swivel stools in the Study, which faced the secluded backyard. After pouring himself a drink from his Dad’s finest whiskey, Hayden swallowed it in one downing that caused his throat to burn.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Jayden thought as he pounded the bar top.

With Jayden’s mind swirling, he eyed the bubbling water of the Jacuzzi tub in the backyard. Hayden removed the surprise item from the robe’s front pocket, as Jayden’s devilish mind pondered his next bliss.

It looks mighty enticing.

Hayden 's muscle development shined as he dropped his robe and meandered into the surging waves of the redwood tub. As Hayden relaxed in the Jacuzzi tub, Jayden felt envious of his own Father’s definition.

Jayden’s mind felt the warmth of the waters and a force against his Father’s asshole.

Now, Jayden took that special object, and with a singular push, slid it deep inside his asshole.

Hayden’s eyes closed as he sang himself the latest rap song, which was a sight to see. This intimidating widower drumming the waves to a beat of a song Hayden would never have heard before. Meanwhile, one of his hands roamed to his asshole,…

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