Hayden 's Hair - Original Writing Essay example

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Hayden 's hair wouldn 't move in the direction that she wanted it to go in. Giving up, she just threw her hair into a messy bun, not caring what anyone had thought about her. Today, her brother was coming to town, and she was taking him out for the day. She threw the brush across the bathroom, landing it inside of the tub perfectly. She left the bathroom and grabbed her car keys off of the counter and ran out of her house and into her small car. She would have taken her motorcycle if it weren 't for the fact that it was at her brothers house all the way back in Coast City, California.

Her brother was waiting for her at the airport looking around, bags in his hands, looking around for his little sister. He saw a flash of dark brown hair and ran towards his little sister, hugging her from behind as a surprise. "Porter! I missed you so much!" she turned around hugging her brother back. "Okay, let 's drop your stuff off at home and we 'll go around town. Does that sound good?" her brother nodded and followed her back to her car.

The two ended up stopping at a small little diner down in the glades. They ate lunch and talked about what had been going on lately. "So, I 've recently decided that I 'm moving here from Coast City. I already have everything shipping out, including your motorcycle" he said, breaking the news to his sister. "That 's amazing Porter" she happily told her brother. Her brother let out a happy sigh to this, signalling that he was happy his sister took it…

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