Hayao Miyazaki : A Strong Environmental Message Essay

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Hayao Miyazaki is a talented director, producer and animator who brings animation to life throughout his films. He has directed many successful films for Studio Ghibli, the Japanese company that he co-founded. To this day, the current distributor of Hayao’s fulms is Disney. Most of Miyazaki’s films feature a strong environmental message. His films often contain young female protagonists who discover self-reliance in a fantasy world. Miyazaki is a talented anime director whose films provide positive messages. His films encourage audiences to be independent and to respect the world we live in.
To begin with, Miyazaki’s career began during the 1970s, in addition to motion pictures, Hayao worked on manga, Japanese comic books (Miyazaki 1). He began his animation career at Toei Animation, which produced both theatrical motion pictures and television series. This is where Miyazaki learned the basics of animation and met with his future collaborator Isao Takahata (Beetz 2).The success of films at Toei animation led to the establishment of a new animation studio in 1985, Studio Ghibli, where Miyazaki and Takahata have directed, written, and produced many successful films. Films from Ghibli studios were said that, “the studio’s reputation rested on what Hayao accomplished.” (Beetz 2). In the mid 1990’s, Studio Ghibli’s parent company Tokuma had strenuous times. Disney took advantage of this downfall and offered a deal, as a result Disney began to distribute Miyazaki’s films (Beetz…

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