Hawaii Is The Last State Of Hawaii Essay

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Located in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii was the last state to join the United States of America. Although physically situated a large distance from the rest of the state, Hawaii does not let this interfere with its political participation. Incumbent US Senator, Brian Schatz, was on the ballot in Hawaii during the 2016 US election on November 8th. Schatz has worked in many government positions including Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, and as a member of the State House of Representatives. He utilized these influential roles to represent both the Democratic party and Hawaiian values. Hawaii has voted Democratic for 14 of the 16 Presidential elections that it has been a part of. Therefore, it is self-evident that Hawaii has been considered a "particularly Democrat state". This liberal tendency is due to the unique demographic, the Native Hawaiian presence, and the collective consciousness regarding the environment.
Hawaii has a unique history in comparison with the rest of America. Far before joining the United States Kamehameha unified the Kingdom of Hawaii for the first time to include all the adjacent Hawaiian islands together. In 1840, the Hawaiian Constitution was created, which "called for a change in the system of government, where state power and responsibilities were subdivided to the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches." This general republic model laid the foundation for the Hawaiian government one sees today. The Hawaiian revolution in 1893 overthrew…

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