Essay on Hawaii Health System Corporation : Hawaii

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Hawaii Health System Corporation consists of more than 70 affiliation agreements with various educational institutions that provide training and residency programs for all health care professionals (, 2014). Hawaii Health System Corporation (HHSC) operates over 1,200 patient beds with more than 4,000 employees in facilities situated on five Hawaiian Islands (, 2014). Hawaii Health System Corporation facilities run a critical care hospital, community hospitals, long-term care, assisted living facility, medical health centers, and physician offices. Additionally, HHSC oversees its’ own not-for-profit Health Systems Foundation that raises money to support all its establishments. Hawaii Health System Corporation recently began providing Telemedicine services and programs in the rural areas of Hawaii (, 2014).
Patient or Client Base
Hawaii Health Systems Corporation Kohala location provides care in the rural areas as well as more developed areas of Hawaii. Hawaii Health first began from pineapple and sugar plantations whose owners provided medical care to their residents. The cost to provide medical care became too much and the plantation owners turned over the burden of patient care to the state of Hawaii (, 2014).
Level of Clinical Activity
Hawaii Health System Corporation receives fund from the state to conduct research and lab test to enhance environmental and public health. HHSC conducts clinical research testing to study and control…

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