Having A Good Classroom Management Essay

2073 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page
Having a good classroom management is the essential element in any educational setting. Students need to feel that they are receiving a good education and that they are safe. Teacher’s need to make sure that they are limiting the inappropriate behavior and making sure that the students are on task. It is the teachers job to make sure that they have the right environment for their students to learn in. If teachers do not have the right classroom management skills, then the students would not be able to learn properly. I believe that by having a good classroom management plan the classroom can turn into a positive learning environment.
The first step to have a well succeeded classroom is making sure that the classroom is well organized, since there are 30 students in the class everything must be organized for the students and teacher. By having a well-organized classroom, the teacher can create valuable procedures and routines to make sure that students understand what is expected from them every day when they attend school. When my 2nd graders enter the classroom, I want to make sure that they are nice and quiet when they are coming in. Having the students come in nice and quiet sets the vibe for the classroom. When students enter the classroom, I want them to take out their homework and put their homework in the homework bin. When the students have placed their homework in the bin they are to go to back to their assigned seats and get started with their independent reading…

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