Essay about Have You Seen God?

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Have You Seen God?
I was always afraid. Afraid to be called on in class. Afraid of taking tests. Afraid of rejection. Afraid of humiliation. Afraid to die. I was always mad. Why me? Why can’t things go right just this one time? Life sucks. It turned out it wasn’t because of typical quandaries everyone faced, but because of a void I was carrying inside me. At the time, I didn’t it realize it, but an emptiness resided inside my heart and my soul. Nothing could please me. The pain, fear, loss, anger were all a result of my emptiness. On one summer night, my grandmother and I were in my backyard gazing at the stars above. I asked her if she made a wish. I never expected her to reply the way she did. “Why wish upon a star when you can pray to the one who created it?” After that night, I started wondering about GOD. I started studying Him, talking to Him, and trying to feel him. I never knew that getting to know God would change everything so much. Along with His arrival, He brought the three most essential things I needed to survive.
GOD brought along love. Love, what used to be a mere word I would use to describe my relationship with my family, suddenly became the binding agent that held the whole Universe together. I was taught to love myself. My appearance had always bothered me. I read that He had created me with his very hands (used figuratively). Every little detail was His choice. The shape of my nose, my height, the cells on my forehead all exist due to His decision. I…

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