Have You Ever Been Mistreated Or Not Received The Service You Deserve?

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Have you ever been mistreated or not received the service you deserve? This is how some students in Caldwell County feel. The students believe they are not receiving as high of an education as they deserve. Due to budget cuts and focusses being shifted to statistics instead of the education of the child, students are not receiving proper education. The education of students is in a decline for the United States and Caldwell County. According to Lyndsay Layton in “11 Facts About Education in America,” the United States was first in public education thirty years ago. The United States is now ranked thirty-sixth in the world. The United States is mainly focussed on the graduation rate of students, and only one out of four students who graduate …show more content…
In the 2005-2006 school year Caldwell County only had 65.7 percent graduate. This was lower than North Carolina whose average was 71.8 percent. Caldwell County and North Carolina have both seen a huge increase in the graduation rate from 2005-2006 to 2014-2015. Why would the graduation rate just increase dramatically all of a sudden? Requirements are not as high as they used to be. In an interview of Jeff Holman who went to South Caldwell thirty years ago and works in the education system now stated,”Students are not held to as high of standards and are not expected to even do as well as they have in the past.” Students in Caldwell County view this as a disservice. The students are not receiving as many challenges in the school system. These challenges are what helps the students learn. Jeff Holman also stated, “Kids that graduate now do not have the same amount of skills as they did in the past.” Tonya Holman a teacher at Hudson Middle School stated, “Students are being passed on into 8th grade and high school and cannot even do basic school skills such as reading and basic arithmetic.” She also stated, “The Requirement to graduate is not as high just to try and get 100 percent graduation even though they can not do common skills.” These quotes from teachers and administrators of Caldwell County clearly show that people of Caldwell County believe the standards are not as high as they once were. Robert Frost stated that education was,”Hanging around until you’ve caught on.” How do you receive an education when the system just keeps passing you so they can try and get 100 percent graduation rate? This is a disservice to the students and the residents of Caldwell County because it is affecting the future of the county. Teachers can also be a very large factor in the passing or failing of a

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