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Name : Krisantus (0700729693)
Class : MB1
Mid Assignment

Hausser Food Product

1. Using whatever concepts, frameworks, or ideas you think are applicable, explain why the Florida sales team is withholding information about a new market opportunity from regional and corporate sales management?
a. Expectancy theory of motivation Hausser Food. Employees and organization both of them have expectation and needs. Organization have expectation to their employees through target. Employees have expectation to the organization or company through their reward if they can reach or above the target. In this point of view The employees of Florida team are feel under rewarded which although they have high E to P that have good P to O
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They feel very depression about the company and don’t have any motivation to do the best for company but only want to defend their self in the company. So because of this the result of the effort they choose is to Withholding the information they have about the new market. So they can always achieve the target, can earn much more money cause they’re the only team that know this information, they can also work in Florida with Jay, and they can learn more about their new market to achieve their target well but not the best. So they choose to decrease the input they have to company.

2. Assume You are Brenda Cooper, and you have access to the data in the case. What actions would you take to prevent this situation from occurring elsewhere.

If I am a Brenda Cooper. I will solve this problem from identify what is cause or the problem why the Team Florida Sales don’t want to share their information to me. After studying and research from the data I will find that the source of problem is
a. No reward action from Expectancy Theory So change the reward and treatment
Although they have high E to P that have good P to O outcomes (10 % higher than above the target) there are no reward to them. The solution for this problem is Brenda Cooper as leaders should support and give them reward just like what Jay did. So they feel Brenda as their real leader that care to them. And become someone who the

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