Hatred Is The Root Of All Evil Essays

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Hatred is the root of all evil. No matter when or where you go in history you will find hatred within the human race for no reason. Go back to biblical time the Egyptians enslaved the Jews for not being the same religion, 1940s the Nazi’s commit geonocide on many diffrent groups of people, mostly Jews, because they didn’t fit into their ideals. In the books that we read in class hatred is prevalent in all of them towards people for no reason beyond human ignorance.

In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian the majority of the tribe hate him because he left the reservation and sought better schooling in the nearby town so he could go somewhere in life, “They didn’t beat me up too bad. I could tell they didn’t want to put me in the hospital or anything. Mostly they just wanted to remind me that I was a traitor. And they wanted to steal my candy and the money.” (Alexie 79) is an example of how the tribe hated him for wanting to have a good life. On top of that for his first few months at the school he is shunned and disliked by his classmates entirely because he is new and an indian, is was expressed in the book that several people at his school are racist “Did you know that Indians are living proof that niggers fuck buffalo” (Alexie 63) is just one of many offensive sentences said to junior by his classmates. Eventually yes the school stops hating as much and some even accept him as a friend but the tribe still shuns him except for oddly enough Rowdy who…

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