The Role Of Hatred In The Holocaust

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Hatred causes wars. Hatred causes death. Hatred could explode when kept to oneself. Hatred is a critical factor of evilness in a human being, but everyone possesses some of it. The hatred felt in the heart of Adolf Hitler towards the Jewish faith was the main cause of the Jewish Holocaust. The Holocaust that kept hunger stricken Jews locked in ghettos. Ghettos are little towns inside of cities that could not be left nor entered by a person who does not practice the Jewish faith. Nazi malnutrition and neglect starved the Jews and Roma living there. Lodz Ghetto was among, and one of the biggest of these ghettos. The over 200,000 inhabitants had to endure immense suffering and pain both physically and emotionally. The ghetto was established in 1939 in Poland. Lodz Ghetto played the role of a victim in the crimes of the Holocaust because the isolation greatly impacted the residents, the lack of food caused intense hunger, and the threat of death or deportation to death camps caused anxiety in their everyday lives.

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In the June of 1944, Heinrich Himmler ordered the liquidation of Lodz Ghetto (F 3). Nobody can stay in Lodz Ghetto, so the Jews had to be deported. The first group of deportees left on June 23, and they were headed to Chelmno Death Camp (F 3). Some more groups then followed. The hungry, tired, and emotionally and physically drained Jews left to an unknown place in hopes that it was better than the ghetto, only to learn they were all getting murdered. Before Lodz Ghetto’s population was close to zero, the liquidation of Chelmno took place (F 3). The destination of the deportations could no longer be there. Instead, about 74,000 Jews were sent to Auschwitz Concentration camps on August 4, 1944(F 3). They were then killed in the many large gas chambers that are found in the camp. The ill-fated Lodz Ghetto’s unfortunate ending killed all of its residents and all of their

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