Essay on Hate The Player, Not The Game

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Bliss Bergmark
Ms. Laura Randazzo Freshmen Honors English 27 January 2015
Hate the Player, Not the Game
Broken world records, last second shots, and Hail Mary’s consume the media and stay fresh in the minds of fans everywhere. Lurking in the world of sports, however, is a darker side to these accomplishments. Today, it is all too common to watch once­celebrated athletes fall from grace by committing crimes. Yet, after these athletes complete their punishments, they are welcomed back into their sport with arms wide open. From baseball to football, all professional athletes who break the law, in addition to doing time in jail, must be banned from their sport. By banning criminal­athletes, they are forced to take responsibility for their actions, their negative influence toward the public will not be spread, and their leagues will not reinforce bad behavior.
To begin with, it is necessary for athletes to admit fault and receive penalty for their wrongdoings. For example, Pete Rose, arguably one of baseball’s most celebrated batters, was also a notorious gambler in the league. Rose was banned from baseball for life, and lost the opportunity to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame because he gambled on baseball games while still employed in the MLB. An article on Rose’s ban by Rick Weinberg, a writer from the sporting network of ESPN, states, “R ose had bet $8,000 to $16,000 daily on baseball games during the 1987 season.” Nevertheless, Rose continues to try to have the…

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