The Influence Of Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of speech was one of the first major principles written in the constitution. A common misconception of freedom of speech is that it has no limitations, however, when this speech breeds hatred, questions rise about bans and restrictions. When harm becomes involved, the issue of hate speech is often debated. The harm principle is the only purpose for with it is morally legitimate for government or public opinion to interfere with anyone’s liberty of action (including speech) is to prevent harm to others. Hate speech can lead to direct harm; it is important to restrict it. Although freedom of speech is important to the way our society is run, limitations need to be set. Without this, repeated hate speech directed towards a targeted group will cause harm. Often times we are influenced by other people’s words and actions. Because hate …show more content…
Being influence can take things further and cause crime. Both the dominant groups and targeted groups are then put into harms way. Individual rights are affected from hate speech. In the dominant group, individuals are pressured to fit the norm and attack the victim group. This stops men and women from having free choice and beliefs. For the targeted group, they have to be more cautious and worry for their safety because of their race, gender, etc. This limits their rights as well. Although rights are limited when hate speech is restricted, hate speech does not directly cause harm. Men and women in society have Mens rea. Their actions are not a direct cause of hate speech because men and women have their own guilty mind. Either way, promoting and participating in hate speech and committing a violent crime against someone in the victim group is two different actions. The violence committed would come directly from the individual and not the influencer. Therefore, making political leaders and their beliefs unrelated to the

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