Essay about Hate Speech And Public Access

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People with different backgrounds from all over the world came to the United States of America to practice their freedom of religion, speech, and press, but the government has no law protect American citizens to be free from hate speeches. After our founding fathers have fought to escape the oppression and persecution, is hate speech the type of freedom our country should protect? All people should have the right to speak their mind, but there comes to a point that hate speech can inflict damage to people mentally and physically. First, we need to understand what hate speech is actually classified. Hate speech is often misunderstood because it can be defined as either carelessly of intentionally reprehensible. Many people interpret careless statements as acts of aggression, but with good reason. It would be false to say that the freedom of speech has never been manipulated to inflict damage upon others. Questions have risen of what hate speech is and if it should be allowed to be viewed by public access.
Hate speech has become such an alarming issue to the society that it should be banned, for it not only criminalizes hate speech but promotes peace to the posterity. European countries: France, Denmark, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom set up a hate speech legislations after the Second World War as a response to the xenophobic propaganda leading to the rise of the Holocaust. While the United States have laws that protect citizens from discrimination, but not hate speeches,…

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