Essay Hate List By Jennifer Brown

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Imagine, one day you are sitting in the commons at school talking to your friends when all of a sudden you hear a “BANG, BANG.” Then you hear and see a bunch of kids running, screaming, and trying to hide. What would you do? What would you be feeling? Well, this is what happens in the book Hate List by Jennifer Brown. Hate List is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Valerie Leftman, whose boyfriend Nick started school shooting at the end of their junior year. Valerie struggles to cope with the events of the shooting and trying to get herself back into High School. She has to deal with the judgement of other people, how to get over what happened, and how to move on. The theme of this novel is hatred, and it is important because it shows that bullying could lead to and makes a person not want to bully or to stop bullying. Valerie goes through many different conflicts socially, mentally, and emotionally throughout the book.
One of Valerie’s conflicts is her problems socially. “When I heard the door open, I closed my eyes quickly, because I wanted whoever it was that came into think I was asleep and go away so I could keep thinking about that night” (Brown 143). This quote says that Valerie liked to keep things to herself a lot. That she did not like to share things with other people. Valerie acted like this because she was afraid of what her parents, teachers, and the other kids at school would think of her. This quote shows how Valerie has problems socially. “You never even…

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