Essay on Hate Crimes And Hate Groups

1867 Words Dec 13th, 2016 8 Pages
My production group chose to do the documentary that I pitched about the increase in hate crimes and hate groups, specifically anti-Muslim violence, that has occurred over the last few years, particularly in relation to the presidential election. I chose to frame the incident around the specific incident in which a Muslim student was threatened to be lit on fire if she did not remove her hijab because it was the most shocking local incident that has occurred and I thought it would be a compelling way to draw interest to a topic that many people at the university, being a predominately white community, are not affected by. That being said, I wrote the script for the video, and as a group Katherine, Ashley and I revised it after we shot the interviews so that the voiceover adapted to the content of the interviews, though we changed the voiceover to onscreen text. Luckily the content of the interviews mirrored the content that we had hoped for our topic. As with all other steps of our production process, pre-production was a challenge. My group had conflicting schedules and, thus, we were only able to meet at night but we made it work. Once we solidified our idea, I began working on our pre-production materials. At this step, I very much felt that I was baring the majority of the workload. I wrote the script, began the shot list and shooting schedule, and contacted 40+ people for interviews. Katherine also contacted the AFLC and police department for reactions to the specific…

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