Hatchet By Gary Paulsen Summary

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I just finished reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. The book is about a boy named Brian who is stranded in the Canadian forest after his pilots dies. He learns to survive and thrive with only a hatchet for two months until he was rescued. Other than being stranded in the forest Brian has many problems. First of all the only reason that he was flying over the forest was to visit his father. His parents divorced a few months before and he was on his way to stay his father for the summer. His parents had gone through a hard divorce and he had been dragged through it as well. His mother had ended the marriage and Brian knew why. He had seen his mother in a car with another man who was not his father. Seeing this, upset Brian a lot and the words the Secret, fights and split constantly ring in his head. With all this, his relationship with his mother is not good. At the start of the book when he’s in the car with her they barely talked.
Another major problem that Brian is faced with is when his pilot dies of a heart attack. Since Brian was the only one going, he was put in a small bush plane with only the pilot. After the pilot died he panicked and decided to fly the plane around until it ran out of gas. He was off course for many miles which he knew limited his hopes of being found. He crashed in a lake, swam out and collapsed on the beach. He
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All of Brian’s knowledge of the outdoors came from him watching T.V.. This bothers me because he doesn’t seem to know anything about the outdoors. I what other people would have done in this situation. With all my experience outdoors I know surviving out there would definitely not be easy. You can never know what’s going to happen next and in a flash your life could change drastically. I think the author is implying that we need to slow down and just enjoy life. We need to enjoy what we have when we have it because one day it can just

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