Fathers Day No Longer Arrives Summary

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(1) “Father’s day no longer arrives”. Appealing to tradition. The reason why I chose appealing to tradition is because the author already decided to point out there is no day assigned to be called a father’s day so traditionally fathers always the head of the house and provide the necessity for their family but in this case when women became head of the house then things will change. There are plenty fathers who stayed home with their kids. Therefore, fathers mostly wants to protect the family but do not care to celebrate the father’s day.
(2) “Why is it only sexist when women are excluded?” hasty generalization. The reason why I chose hasty generalization because mentioning and classifying of gender can encourage stereotype issues so it is not advisable to classify people with their looks.
(3) “Couldn’t help feeling excluded”. Jumping to conclusion.
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The reason why I chose guilty by association is because the statement blamed husbands on general. If the husband teach the kids to be aggressive then the whole world become crazy and it is not fair to accuse the husband’s attitude and abilities but rather than his good care for his own children.
(9) “If you inject a monkey mother with testosterone, she becomes less interested in her baby”. Slippery slope. The reason why I chose slippery slope is because the statement exaggerates the negative side of the fatherhood activity. How come fathers do not have interest in his children? Sometimes there are some consequences a father can have less interest in his children but that’s not always true.
(10) “Family rooted men” argument to ignorance. The reason why I chose argument to ignorance is because how are we going to be sure that the family rooted guy always be nice and good person. Probably the idea sounds true but there is no proof to say the family rooted guy is always innocent and good for

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